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It is often difficult to gauge the caloric value of most restaurant meals, and the portion sizes in restaurants are excessive. Learning to ask for the “to go” box early in a meal, and filling it right away, is a key to success. Knowing how much you are eating and making proper choices extends to restaurants.

Restaurant Eating when trying to lose weight

Lap-band surgery patient asking Dr. Terry Simpson MD for food

We are creatures of habit. Chances are you have several favorite places where you eat some meals. If it is Saturday morning I know my parents are eating breakfast at Village Inn off the interstate in Oregon, and I can tell you Mom is going to order a “skillet” meal. Where you get your lunch, or your dinner, is fairly consistent. However, there is no reason not to know how many calories you are eating, nor is there a reason not to make new choices. You can download the nutritional content of most chain restaurants meals on-line or find the caloric content of them in many books. Most local restaurants, while they may not give you the exact ingredients of your favorite dish, can give you a close approximation of the contents and the calories they contain.

Cook at Home

Planning what you are going to eat and having nutritious and delicious food readily available are two advantages to cooking at home. This need not be complex, difficult, or take too much time. You can regulate the food you eat, you can have delicious leftover snacks later, and you can avoid the high-fat, high-sugar foods that are common in most restaurants.

It is also safer to eat at home (although I might be the exception, but we are talking food safety here, not fire safety). Having your butcher grind steak for hamburger makes it less likely that you will suffer from food poisoning or even Mad Cow disease.

Our workbook contains menu plans and recipes for you. In each of the books we publish we always have a new recipe or two, and this book will not be any different. The next chapter contains some recipes supplied by my patients. They are quick and easy, and if I can make them in my kitchen, so can you.

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