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Robert Bush
This video is about Robert Bush, Dr. Terry Simpson's Lap-band surgery patient.  Bob tells you about his experience with the finest weight loss surgery support team available.  Giving you special care and attention is our first priority.  We are a family of weight loss surgery professionals and patients dedicated to making you comfortable in choosing and using the Lap-band to make you the thin, trim and vital player you used to be.

Lap-band patient Robert Bush welcomes you to Dr. Terry Simpson's website

He had his lap-band done December 20, 2006.  At the time of this video he had lost 75 pounds.  This video was made October 25, 2007.  Then he was proud to announce that for the first time in 20 years his BMI was under 40.  Now, at the time of this writing he has lost an additional 25 pounds, for a total of 100 pounds lost since he had surgery.  January 2009 update; Bob has lost another 40 pounds.  He is happy to report that his sex life has improved too!

Robert considered Roux en Y (RNY) and other gastric bypass weight loss surgeries

His extensive research uncovered disturbing statistics about bypass weight loss surgery.  He found that bypass surgery providers don't like to openly reveal the scary statistics about mortality rates and complications associated with their procedures.

The fact that Lap-band weight loss surgery is fully reversible was important to Bob

He was impressed that the Lap-band weight loss device is also fully adjustable.  He discovered that the Lap-band is by far the least intrusive weight loss surgery.  These are the qualities of the band that caused Robert Bush to choose the Lap-band over bypass surgery.

Dr. Terry Simpson delivers great weight loss surgery support

Terry Simpson is one of Arizona's most renowned weight loss surgeons, so it wasn't hard for Bob to learn that Dr. Simpson's programs are among the best available.  Dr. Simpson's group includes a nutritionist and, most importantly, experienced weight loss surgery patients.  His people are experienced with the challenges of losing weight and supporting those that  just can't do it any other way.  Bob credits the support groups with his success.  They are all there for Bob when he needs them.  They can be there for you too.

The power of highly managed comprehensive weight loss programs and support 

Bob tells you that it's not always a bed of roses...there can be issues.  He has what is called a "first bite syndrome."  Which means he has to start eating more slowly to prepare his smaller stomach to receive food.   He actually learned about this issue in our support groups, prior to it happening to him.  So by being educated in support meetings he understood the event and preemptively knew what he had to do to manage it without fear.  This result is a good example of the power in Dr. Simpson's support group. 

Bob proves that Lap-band surgery is very safe and one of the best weight loss tools

Bob beat morbid obesity using the Lap-band weight loss tool.  A Body Mass Index (BMI) over forty (40) is considered morbid obesity.  Before surgery Bob weighed in at 344 pounds with a BMI of 52.4.  People at work used to call Robert "Fat Bob."  They don't call him that anymore.


This website hasn't been updated for many years. Some information is outdated. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Please go to drsimpson.net to view up to date information about Lap-band and other weight loss surgeries we offer.




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