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The Lap-band solves many problems associated with weight loss surgery.  It's safer and more successful because it is adjusted to your system.  Like no other surgery, it can be removed returning your system to normal.  Here we are going to talk about scary realities with outdated weight loss surgeries.  While you are reading this section, keep in mind that these bad things about other surgeries have been eliminated with the Lap-band.

Lap-band surgery results in weight loss that will improve your performance in life

Are you an active man that has carried a few extra pounds all of your life?  Everyone has known an overweight guy that despite his weight problem could really play the game well.  If at any point in that guy's life he would have lost the weight he could have had the complete package and become a star.  With the Lap-band that player can become the champion he was meant to be.  He could reap the rewards of a champion, in his athletics, on the job and in his social life.  Have you ever imagined how much better you can perform if you were to lose fifty pounds?  It could result in a night and day difference in your energy and ability to run and play and get that big job or promotion.  In fact, every game you play - golf, tennis, baseball, football - could be improved if you were to lose weight.  Your professional appearance too can certainly be improved.  A new and thinner you might result in your winning at love too.  Typically every aspect of a man's life is improved when he is thin and in shape.  Have you been playing a good game while carrying an extra fifty pounds or more?  Would you like to compete at the level you were meant to?

Why the Lap-band might be the best weight loss surgery choice for active/athletic men

Bypass surgeries starve your body of nutrition you need to play and win with in life.  We feel that this is an important reality you should fully understand.  You lose up to 84% of your small intestine with a Duodenal Switch bypass surgery and Distal Roux en Y (RNY) gastric bypass surgery.  The small intestine is where food energy and nutrition is transferred into your blood stream and your system.  As you can imagine, if you lose 19 feet out of a total of about 23 feet of your small intestine you drastically lessen nutrition to your system.  In fact, even if you to live a sedentary lifestyle with bypass surgery, you must take massive amounts of B vitamins and calcium.  Many people must take vitamin injections because after bypass the body cannot take in enough nutrition through the small intestine.  Imagine how this might affect an athletic person's performance.  Intense exercise and sports require your body to recover and recharge nutritionally to build muscles and energy.  Bypassing the small intestine drastically lessens your body's ability to recover after a heavy workout.  Therefore, the bypass limits your ability to exercise and play sports.  Sure you'll lose weight, but you will also lose energy, performance and maybe even your health.

In the past, most men would never think of having weight loss surgery

Why?  Because their body and its ability to perform is very important to them.  They worry about surgery affecting their health.  They may feel that surgery might hurt their system, somehow making it less strong.  They might even think that having surgery in general is a sign of weakness.  This is logical thinking when you consider that other than the Lap-band all weight loss surgeries require radical surgical alteration to your stomach and intestinal tract (see above).  The most popular bypass surgery, the Roux en Y (RNY) requires the majority of your stomach be either cut away (transected) or isolated with staples.  Another popular surgery the Duodenal Switch requires that up to 90% of your stomach be removed.  Most of these surgical alterations can never be reversed.  Consider the importance of well being in your stomach relative to your ability to perform.  When's the last time you played a vigorous sport, or exercised or made love with a stomach ache.  With the bypass, if in case the results of surgical alterations to your stomach go wrong and end up as something you can't live with...guess what you must do...live with it for the rest of your life...there is no going back.   For good reason, few men would take this kind of risk with their active life and well being.

There is no surgical alteration to your stomach or intestines with Lap-band surgery

The Lap-band can be removed returning your system to the way it was before surgery.   No other surgery can easily be reversed.  The large majority can't in any case.  Lap-band surgery eliminates the problems with outdated weight loss surgeries.  Your intestines are untouched as is your stomach.  You lose nothing surgically.  You only gain the Lap-band device, a small very supple band placed around the top of your stomach.  The band creates a small pouch that holds food at the top of your stomach.  It behaves as though you have a smaller stomach.  This is called restriction.  Every other surgery uses restriction too, most in addition to bypassing a large portion of your small intestine.  But, restriction often fails with other surgeries because the area that creates restriction at the exit of the stomach (the stoma) is created surgically.  Frequently over time the stoma enlarges.  The only way to reduce the size of the stoma is through surgery.

Lap-band fills - this is the only weight loss surgery that is adjusted to your system

Lap-band adjustments are cheaper, quicker and more precise with Dr. Simpson.  Surgery is not required to adjust the Lap-band.  It is designed to be easily adjusted to your system by injecting saline solution into a port placed under the skin of your stomach.  That might sound a little scary, but it is really only an easy 15 minute office procedure.  The port itself is not visible.  So you can wear a bathing suit or go shirtless and the port will not be seen (imagine being able to go shirtless).  The process of adjusting the Lap-band may require a few injections or withdrawals of saline fluid until the outlet of your new stomach is the right size.  When adjusted correctly you will be able to feel full while only eating a little bit of food.  This is because the Lap-band holds food at the upper part of your stomach where the satiety center is.  With only a small amount of food the Lap-band causes your satiety center to tell your brain that you are full, just as though you had eaten a large meal. 

With the Lap-band food capacity is greatly lessened and your hunger is eliminated

You just don't feel the hunger anymore while eating much less food.  The band is adjusted until we find your "sweet spot."  When your band is precisely adjusted you will be able to eat comfortably and food will pass through your stomach after four or five hours.  After this point, you may be able to go for a period of years without needing an adjustment.  The beauty is that when you do need an adjustment, it always only involves a 15 minute visit with Dr. Simpson (which is always fun because he has a great sense of humor).  The Lap-band is designed so you never need to have surgery for an adjustment.  Every other weight loss procedure requires surgery to adjust it.

Diets fail and bypass surgery robs your energy...the Lap-band gives it back 

Imagine having the energy you used to have when you were a kid.  Think about being able to walk eighteen holes of golf or playing a double header.  You can play into overtime again with the energy you will certainly gain by losing that 50 pounds or more that you haven't been able to lose.  Overweight men typically remain overweight because they believe they can work it off.  They believe that more workout intensity must be the answer.  Do you think that there is some threshold in your exercise regimen that if you exceed it will result in the weight loss you need to have the body, performance and life you really want?  How long have you been trying to lose your excess weight using diet and exercise alone without lasting results?  Is it time for you to admit that you can't beat your weight problem alone?  The odds are 100 to 1 in favor of you remaining overweight no matter what you do...those are the facts.  The Lap-band not only puts the odds in your favor, we know you will lose the weight if you get the Lap-band and follow our program.  You'll become a winner because the only thing you lose is the weight while you can gain the energy you had when you were a child.

Dr. Terry Simpson might be the best weight loss doctor you could ever team up with

He is one of Arizona's most experienced Lap-band weight loss surgeon.  His extraordinary surgical skill allows him to install the Lap-band with practically no down time for a healthy man.  You can be up and playing again in no time.  But the best game is yet to come.  Using the lap-band allows you to eat less without being hungry all the time.  That's what the Lap-band does.  It eliminates your hunger.  When you feel full with much less food you lose weight.


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