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Lap-band surgery may be the best thing you can do for your health. But If your insurance doesn't cover it. you have to think about the potential total cost in the event you have a complication. The percentage of complications for Lap-band surgery is very low. Even though, you may be concerned about your family's wellbeing if anything should go wrong. You want to make certain that you protect your home and that your children can go to college

Men self paying for Lap-band surgery have a brand new player on their team - BLIS

BLIS is weight loss surgery complication protection. Every man knows the value of protection in any game he might play. Protection is even more important when it comes to medical procedures. The question is, "Why take a risk when you don't have to?"

Lap-band surgery is the safest weight loss surgery - but it is still a surgical procedure

The safety of Lap-band surgery is touted on thousands of internet sites. It is undeniably the least invasive and, therefore, safest weight loss surgery there is. But, most men will not gamble with their family's well being even with the best of odds because the costs of losing are too high for even the slightest risk. You must make certain you protect your family. You must maintain your home and keep savings for college in the bank. Because of this, surgery...any surgery may not be a risk you are willing to take.

 BLIS allows a man having Lap-band surgery to protect his family...

...and receive the health and financial advantages of Lap-band surgery. That's right.  Being overweight has health AND financial costs. Attempting to lose weight over a decade's time can cost more than Lap-band surgery. Costs in additional and/or special diet foods, products, and programs add up. Before you know it, you may have spent tens of thousands of dollars on losing weight. The sad thing is that after people spend all this money on programs that don't work, they are out the money and still overweight.

The co morbidities of obesity will shorten your life...

...so losing weight is the best protection you can give your family for the long run. It is most important that a man with a BMI over 30 have a game plan to lose the weight once and for all. If you have lost this game over and over again over a period of many years, it is time to join our team and get the greatest piece of weight loss equipment there is...the adjustable laparoscopic band.

Being overweight is amongst the biggest risks you can take

But the Lap-band's long term health and financial advantages do not spare you from costs you might experience today if by chance you have a surgical complication. If you need to pay for surgery yourself, you might ask yourself, "I can get a second mortgage on my house or save the money for surgery, but could I afford the medical costs of a complication?" Most people could not afford those costs so what do they do? They put the surgery off and end up being overweight for most of their lives. Then it happens.  Diabetes or heart disease strikes and your healthy life may be ended forever. That's a bad way to end a game and it's no longer necessary.

Dr. Terry Simpson is the premier Lap-band Surgeon offering BLIS protection

BLIS is Lap-band surgery health insurance that gives you:

Complication protection for 90 days including:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Leak
  • Perforation

Complication protection for 18 Months including:

  • Band Erosion
  • Band Slip
  • Port Site Problems

EVERYONE who self pays for Lap-band surgery gets BLIS protection from Dr. Simpson

Only the best weight loss surgeons can offer BLIS complication insurance

Most surgeons will not be able to offer BLIS complication protection. Why? Because BLIS makes careful studies of every surgeon before allowing them to them to carry their insurance coverage. Only the best surgeons will have it.  BLIS knows that surgeons at Dr. Terry Simpson's level are less likely to have surgical complications. Historically, Dr. Simpson is a safe bet because he offers much less risk of having a complication. This makes it a win-win game for you. You can have the surgery...without fear of complications.

NO FEAR = Peace of mind = Better healing

Winners win because they have no fear. Eliminating fear is one of the most positive and healthiest things a man can do, especially when it comes to heath matters. Dr. Simpson and his staff have known the worries people have about their family's well being when paying for surgery out of pocket. We have been looking for a way to lift the weight of worry over financial exposure off the shoulders of our patients. The solution has finally arrived. Now after you have saved your money or mortgaged your house to get the health benefits and potential extended life Lap-band surgery may offer you, we can look you in the eye and say, "Don't worry, get the surgery and enjoy a healthier, fuller life with your family." Because, Dr. Simpson has you covered.


This website hasn't been updated for many years. Some information is outdated. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Please go to drsimpson.net to view up to date information about Lap-band and other weight loss surgeries we offer.




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