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Dr. Terry Simpson is one of the best Lap-band doctors in Phoenix AZ, according to Phoenix Magazine. Any surgeon, man or woman has stepped up to fearlessly (actually fearfully) intrude into another's body. You have to give them credit...sometimes in a rare instance they do get credit.  Terry spends a lot of his time with his patients, more than most doctors. If his patients need help, he is always there for them...that is why he won this award.

Phoenix Magazine top doctor award tells who the best doctors in the valley are

It's hard to find a good doctor in Phoenix...or anywhere else.  How do you know if a doctor is any good?  They all look good in their websites and online. Rarely does a third party actually take the chance and actually tell you who is good (or bad). That might be due to legalities, or the amount of actual work involved in getting the information. Where would you get such information about a doctor? For several years now, Phoenix Magazine has stepped up and told you who the good doctors are in the Phoenix valley. How do they do it?

Phoenix Magazine uses peer review surveys to choose Phoenix's top doctors

Terry Simpson M.D. was chosen by doctors as being one of Phoenix Arizona's best.  Who would know more about what it takes to practice good medicine than a doctor? Think of it, a doctor is putting their reputation on the line when they recommend anything. It could come back and bite them if they were to recommend a doctor that wasn't any good.  Phoenix Magazine randomly surveys 5,000 doctors (that's a lot) in the Phoenix valley to choose their "Top Doctors."  Both the magazine and the doctors are taking risks to get this valuable information to you. It's the kind of information you need (and always wish you could have) to make your best choice when choosing a truly good doctor.

We think Terry Simpson is the best Lap-band surgeon in Arizona

Phoenix magazine cover containing weight loss Doctor Terry Simpson’s award article"We" are Terry's staff members: Greg, Carol, Ann, and Nancy. Some of us began with the doctor as patients ourselves. You may have thought we are biased in our fervent belief in this doctor. We have watched the doctor work longer hours than most doctors. Extra hours for which he did not receive payment. Valuable time that he just gives to his patients, free of charge just to make certain he is providing the best care he possibly can. We see the doctors sacrifice every day, day in and day out. But, if you have any doubts that Terry should be considered as one of best, come to one of our support meetings and see who is leading it.  It will be Terry Simpson himself, and he has led his support groups for years and years, ever since he began doing weight loss surgery in 1991. No other doctor has Terry's experience and history of personally conducting support programs. If you want proof join us in a meeting.  You will see first hand why he is an award winner.  He is there, with his patients, learning from them, personally giving them access and information that few doctors would not charge for. He gives his most valuable asset, his time to his patients...free of charge. Oh yes, very recently a few other doctors have started to lead their own support groups. They do so to compete, only in response to the great reputation Terry has received for his self sacrifice. They do it to make money.  Terry does it to serve his patients, because he truly cares about them.

Terry Simpson gives his patients knowledge in how to use Lap-band surgery

Lap-band surgery support from Terry is not a waste of time. Have you ever attended a class or meeting that was ill-conceived, poorly conducted and with little real content?  It was a waste of time wasn't it?  That will never happen with Terry Simpson. He has (as evidenced in his books) the best sense humor you will ever find in a serious doctor. We have seen Terry deliver thousands of support meetings and let us tell you, support from him is never boring.  But it's not just about his sense of humor, it's about real content; content developed from extreme sacrifice.  At the beginning of his career with Lap-band surgery, Terry realized that as with all medical procedures the Lap-band required lifestyle changes that must be maintained over the rest of the patient's life. No really good tools existed for the support of Lap-band patients. Instead of delivering support using substandard tools, Terry took it upon himself to devote years to author what has become 'the bible' for weight loss surgery. Getting to Goal and Staying There, is the manual for Lap-band surgery. It instructs the patient exactly how to manage life with Lap-band surgery (there is a version for bypass surgery too). Have you ever left a doctor's office without all the information you need? Terry gives you all the information you need in your first office visit. He gives it to you! He gives every patient a copy of the Lap-band surgery manual, Getting to Goal and There, so you always know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You are never left wondering what you must do next (except you might be forced to choose from the great recipes in the book). Personal sacrifice in creating the tools necessary to deliver every piece of Information you ever will need to manage life with weight loss surgery is another reason why Terry Simpson is worthy of an award.

Every piece of information you will ever need to manage Lap-band surgery

Constant contact with Phoenix Arizona's most experienced Lap-band surgeon is the secret. Get ready to be amazed (this is still amazing to us even after our many years of service).  Dr. Terry Simpson gives each and every one of his patients 24 hour email access to him. Direct access...to him. If he's not sleeping or in surgery he responds immediately...right now. Have you (or someone you've known) ever had a medical emergency and not been able to contact your doctor?  You end up going  to the emergency room to be treated by strangers. Often when Terry's patients have an emergency, they email him and he will meet them at the hospital. What other doctor would give you constant access and support such at this? Have you ever even heard of one doing it? So if you do need some information that's not in Terry's bible for Lap-band surgery (Getting to Goal and Staying There), you can ask him directly, the minute you need it. Extreme accessibility, care and support; these are the reasons why if any doctor deserves an award, we feel Terry should be one of them.


This website hasn't been updated for many years. Some information is outdated. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Please go to drsimpson.net to view up to date information about Lap-band and other weight loss surgeries we offer.




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