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While everyone enjoys the cosmetic and performance benefits to the band, the most important reason to get a band, is for your health.  Weight loss is the best preventive medicine adults have.  Just a few years ago all the surgeries available required major surgical alteration to your stomach and/or intestinal tract.  The Lap-band is the only weight loss surgery that requires no alteration to your stomach or intestines.  You can remove it and your system remains unaltered. 

Note: Greg Padilla no longer works in Doctor Simpson's office. He has moved on in his career! We wish him well in his new work and thank him for his many years of dedicated service.

The best reason to have Lap-band weight loss surgery is your health!

It's funny how health problems from being overweight arise.  One day everything is running fine and suddenly the next day you start experiencing symptoms.  Your new symptom may be sudden sugar deficits with extreme thirst and hunger, a skipping in your heart beat, maybe blurred vision or a headache brought on by high blood pressure.  If you are overweight the first thing your doctor is going to tell you is that the largest cause of your new symptoms is being overweight.  If you are approaching middle-age and extremely overweight, you know this as you have probably heard it many times before.

Every overweight person has a moment when they surrender to obesity

They come to accept themselves as being an overweight person.  They decide to live with it.  They accept being beaten by their lifestyle and/or genetics and decide to actually enjoy the freedom of eating whatever and whenever they want.  This happens because they are tired of constantly worrying about their weight and they've given up.  They just don't care anymore.  When things are bad, why not enjoy the good aspects of  your circumstance?  We have videos of patients talking about this point in their life...happily accepting themselves as being obese.  This is before they experience any symptoms.

The symptoms arise...diabetes or heart disease is caused by being overweight

High blood pressure or high blood sugar or maybe high cholesterol become evident during a physical exam that the patient might have because they begin to experience symptoms.  The doctor tells them that they must eat less, eat better food and exercise.  The patient goes home terrified and typically for a while they actually change their lifestyle.  For a small window of time they eat less, cut the carbs and even do a little exercise.  After a while they start feeling better and then they start slipping.  Some even lose the belief that they ever had bad test results and fully resume their previous poor dietary habits and lifestyle.  Suddenly they become really sick and what were once mild symptoms become full blown diabetes or heart disease.  Now the disease no longer is sitting in the background.  It becomes prevalent with greater more crippling effect that pervades everything. 

Fear combined with food addiction causes greater compulsion to overeat

Food is used to sooth emotional pain and fear.  Now the patient really has something to be afraid of.  They have actually started killing themselves with their obesity.  Worse yet, their compulsion to overeat is exasperated by their fear of dying from health problems caused by overeating and eating high fat and high carb foods.   This is truly a vicious cycle with only two resolutions possible: a short life (death) or a serious committed lifestyle change.  This is when most people realize they can't beat food addiction themselves.  This is when most people realize that they must resort to a higher power such as weight loss surgery.  At this point, people become frustrated with the yo-yo dieting; losing the weight only to gain it back again (and more).  They feel the problem is with them.  It isn't.  The LAP-BAND is a solution that allows you to lose weight and keep it off.  Some, those that wait too long, can't have surgery because the degeneration of their cardiovascular system has become too great.  Those that can have the surgery to a lesser or greater degree can undo much of the terrible damage they have done to their system.  A very few, the lucky ones that realize they must have the surgery sooner, completely reverse the damage and disease.

Being overweight causes diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea

How Greg Padilla gained control over his weight and added many years to his life.  Greg Padilla actually developed these diseases because he was overweight.  Frequently diseases that result from a primary condition such as obesity are called "co-morbidities."  Greg is Dr. Simpson's front office manager.  You might think using a manager from our own office as an example will result in slanted information.  It actually allows us to report a more complete story that you might not be able to get anywhere else.  This is a private story that is frequently difficult to get people to talk about, let alone make public.  Many people are embarrassed about their obesity even though it is only part of their past.  Greg has graciously allowed us to tell you his personal story about his struggle with weight control in hopes he can better professionally serve and save others form a shortened damaged life.  The main advantage is that Greg is someone you can actually meet anytime you come to the office.  First hand information and advice from a professional that has experienced the condition is a wonderful thing for you to have access to.

Greg has always been somewhat, but never seriously overweight

When he hit his twenties he became heavier but nowhere near what is considered obese.  Over the subsequent years he slowly almost imperceptibly got heavier and heavier.  One day he looked in mirror and realized he was a fat man.  He just couldn't hide it from himself anymore.  He had been working for Dr. Simpson for years helping overweight people master their circumstance while he himself was struggling with and losing to his own weight control issues.  Throughout his struggle he tried diet and exercise to counter his situation with no substantial results.  Folks in Greg's family are on the heavy side, with some being seriously overweight.  So he does have a genetic predisposition to be overweight.

A Genetic predisposition to be overweight makes it almost impossible to lose weight

Greg's genetics destined him for obesity.  This is a hard thing to accept and for years Greg didn't accept it.  So he got into the limbo we have described of accepting himself as being an overweight person.  Well, he kind of accepted himself.  He was always embarrassed in his position as a weight control professional while he himself was riding the line of being morbidly obese.  It was very difficult for him to interact with patients without feeling he was sort of a phony, telling folks to do as he says, not what he does.  He was continually freighted of the day that someone might mention his being overweight.  This conflict and fear created stress for him that fueled his compulsion to eat (see above).

Being overweight causes Type 2 Diabetes

Greg started getting headaches and he was feeling hungry all the time.  He was eating more and more.  Then came serious bouts of extreme fatigue.  Sometimes Greg would have a headache while feeling so weak he could hardly function.  He noticed little mistakes he was making on the job.  No one else noticed but he caught himself overlooking details that he would have to go back and correct.  This scared him.  This scared him enough that he went to his doctor who then performed a physical that included blood work.  The results were that Greg had type 2 diabetes (high glucose), high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  At this time Greg's doctor told him his cholesterol and blood pressure were borderline and that treating the diabetes along with improved diet and exercise may bring them down without medication.  Greg's diabetes was bad enough that he had to take medication for it.

The stress of being ill with diabetes causes hypertension and cholesterol to rise

Greg was already stressed when he didn't know exactly what was wrong.  Now he knows he is afflicted with serious illnesses.  He has learned that he has diabetes and that it causes heart illness.  He knows that being overweight has already caused him to have heart disease.  Now he absolutely knows he must change his diet and he must exercise.  He MUST lose weight.  But, his physical weakness and exhaustion is still prevalent.  It has improved a little, but he has no where near the level of energy required to do effective exercise.  This angers him because it seems so unfair that he doesn't even get a chance to return to his normal level of energy he had only a year ago.  It's just not there anymore.  He watches his diet for a while, but soon his desperate situation weighs too heavily on his mind.  His compulsion to eat slowly takes command and he returns to his bad dietary habits.  He fools himself by eating foods touted by the manufacturers to be healthy that are nothing more than fat, carbs, or sugar.  He needs the comfort of these foods and now it is killing him. 

Now Greg must be medicated for his high blood pressure and his high cholesterol.

Greg's doctor prescribes medication for blood pressure and cholesterol at his next appointment.  His blood sugar is still rising and a new medicine is prescribed for that too.  His doctor mentions that over time many diabetics must inject insulin.  Greg is almost floored with fear.  His doctor notes that Greg's weight is also rising.  He tells Greg the most important thing he must do is lose weight.  Now the embarrassment of being an overweight weight loss professional is peaked.  He has heard this message delivered by Dr. Simpson over and over again and has communicated this to patients himself as a professional for years.  Now, here he is totally out of control and too weak physically and emotionally to do anything about it.  He has seen hundreds of patients at this point over the years.  Now he fully understood how truly lost and helpless they were.  At this point he fully understood that he could die in a very short period of time and it appeared there was nothing he could do about it.

Greg's energy is gone because of obesity, diabetes, heart disease & sleep apnea

Greg discovers that he has Sleep Apnea.  Greg's doctor suspected there was another cause for his fatigue.  He suspected Greg was having problems sleeping.  So he asked Greg about the quality of his sleep.  Greg reported to the doctor that his sleep had become disrupted.  He would awaken in the night gasping for air.  The diagnosis...Sleep Apnea.  Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep.  It's estimated that more than 12 million American adults have obstructive sleep apnea.  More than half of the people who have this condition are overweight.  This is because overweight people frequently have extra soft fat tissue that can thicken the wall of the windpipe. This causes the inside opening to narrow and makes it harder to keep open.   Sleep Apnea can increase the risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.  That's right, being obese can cause Sleep Apnea and in turn Sleep Apnea can increase the risk for obesity.  This is another example of how things can synergistically get out of control for a seriously overweight person.

Greg realizes that Lap-band surgery is the cure for his heart disease and diabetes

Simply enough...Greg had to lose weight as quickly as possible.  His has watched his health degenerate over a very short period of time because of obesity.  He has gone over a certain threshold where he experienced a quick drastic downward momentum in his overall health.  If he did not reverse this situation, his quality of life was eminently threatened.  In fact his life span was going to be shortened.  Greg realizes that he was a perfect candidate for Lap-band surgery.  Greg worked in the operating room for years and saw Dr. Simpson on the surgery side, as well as many other physicians.  When he decided that he needed surgery he decided to go with Dr. Simpson.  When Greg worked with Dr. Simpson he learned more about the lap band.  Dr. Simpson was a little shocked when Greg sat him down and requested that he do his Lap-band surgery.  Dr. Simpson has performed surgery on many friends but never someone so close.  He saw Greg daily.  At first Terry was a little ashamed that he didn't see Greg's problem before this point.  But, that's the way it is.  It is not always easy to see these problems in people that we are close to.  You kind of grow used to them and accept them the way they are.  With Greg's permission, Terry contacted Greg's primary physician. Then he knew his employee and friend was seriously ill and needed the power of the Lap-band.

The Lap-band reverses Greg's obesity and saves his life

Loosening the stranglehold of obesity takes a little bit of time.  But that's how Greg describes it, as losing the effect of being strangled.  Heart disease (especially combined with Sleep Apnea) makes you feel out of breath as the transfer of oxygen into your body becomes limited and diabetes makes you weak.  Greg speaks of the day he realized his symptoms subsided.  He was just sitting in his chair at work and suddenly noticed he was breathing freely and easily without struggling.  He felt alert and totally involved in what he was doing.  He wasn't fighting fatigue.  He was back.  The suffocating noose of obesity was gone almost as quickly as it came on.  But, Greg's results did not happen overnight.  It is a process or a "journey" as Dr. Simpson and his staff like to call it.  Greg was seriously in trouble and in actuality he waited much too long to take action.  Results occurred after five months of support from Dr. Simpson.  If Greg were any sicker, he may have become permanently disabled by his illnesses or worse.

Weight loss eliminates Greg's need for medication for heart disease and diabetes

Greg used the Lap-band to cure high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes (he beat Sleep Apnea too).  A significant number of our patients have done so.  Greg, as many of our other patients, no longer needs to take medication for his heart or diabetes because he lost weight.  We can't promise this result for everyone.  Some people are genetically predisposed to have these diseases regardless of their weight.  What we can promise is a better life through superior control over such diseases even if you have disease because of genetics.  If you are overweight, no matter what your circumstance, you will gain more control over and improve your health if you reduce your weight.  Your risks for heart attack, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol (atherosclerosis), diabetes and other diseases can be drastically reduced by reducing your weight.  Lap-band surgery is one of your best solutions for weight loss if you can't do it any other way.


This website hasn't been updated for many years. Some information is outdated. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Please go to drsimpson.net to view up to date information about Lap-band and other weight loss surgeries we offer.




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