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This website is dedicated to Lap-band weight loss surgery for men.  Men have different reasons to lose weight.  For men weight loss is not about being a Hollywood model, it's about retaining vitality.  To compete against your kids, to compete for a better job, to feel better, to run without getting winded, to preserve the joints, and for some, to feel good if you're going on a date.  Imagine a source of information and support just for men...this is it.

Lap-band surgery may be the ultimate weight loss tool for men

Men understand tools and why good tools such as Lap-band produce great results.  We all know that your ability to play and win in sports is enhanced with the right equipment.  It should be easy for a man to understand why employing the right tool in your effort to lose weight is the smart thing to do, and it is the effective way to produce results.  Just as you can't play golf without your clubs or football and baseball without the ball,  it is easy to see that you might not be able to lose weight without a tool like the Lap-band.  Your dependence on food may be too large for you to do it alone, without a tool to help you.  Fortunately, you're not alone.  You have the Lap-band and a lifetime of excellent support from Dr. Terry Simpson.  Dr. Simpson writes the Lap-band support manuals used worldwide.  Lifetime support from the world's leading weight loss expert, Dr. Simpson, is included in the price of your Lap-band procedure.  You can start right now.

The Lap-band lets you permanently lose weight…you DON'T have to gain it back

Lap-band surgery costs less than cycles of losing and gaining weight. Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back again (and more)?  Everybody has done it.  Lose twenty pounds using an expensive diet program, gain thirty back.  You can go through this cycle over and over again for your entire life.  It seems impossible to keep it off.  This is because your hunger rules this game.  When you lose the weight you don't lose the hunger...it's always there and always wins over time.  No more with the Lap-band.  The Lap-band wins over your hunger.  You are just not hungry anymore.  Please note that you must make lifestyle changes when using the Band.  But it makes those changes so much easier to live and play with.

The Laparoscopic Band is no where near as invasive as bypass weight loss surgery

Bypass weight loss surgery works by starving your system.  This is because bypass surgery cuts significant intestinal length form your digestive tract in addition to losing a  large portion of your stomach.  This means you don't get much food energy and vitamins from the food you eat.   A High energy athletic lifestyle requires your body to have the ability to become fully nourished.  If you are athletic you should avoid bypass surgery to keep playing your game at the highest level.  Lap-band surgery retains your entire digestive system in its original form as it was made.  You get full nourishment from all the healthy foods you invest in so you have maximum output in all the activities you enjoy.

Single Incision Lap-band Surgery (SILS) is the least invasive weight loss surgery

Dr. Terry Simpson does Single Incision Laparoscopic surgery to limit scarring and system damage.  It shortens healing time and when combined with Lap-band surgery it allows you to get back into your game faster than any other weight loss surgery.  Single Incision Lap-band Surgery is a new method for the proven Lap-band surgical procedure.  But realize not every doctor can do it.  This is because it must be done with newly designed, state of the art laparoscopic surgical instruments.  It also requires a highly experienced laparoscopic surgeon.  Not only does Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery require experience, it also requires a capable surgeon such as Dr. Simpson.  The reward is that you only receive one incision instead of five.  Less damage and intrusion into your system helps the patient (you) to heal much faster and it limits the opportunity for infection.  You don't pay any more for Single Incision Lap-band Surgery from Dr. Simpson than you would pay for five incision surgery elsewhere.  Why would you want to pay for four extra scars on your body when you don't have to?

Learn About Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

 Lap-band surgery prevents middle-age weight gain as athletes grow older

When younger it is easy for men to get extra pounds off.  This is because a younger person's metabolism is much higher.  As we age metabolism slows down while the quantity of food we eat remains the same.  This means that your normal diet will cause you to gain weight as you get older.  Another reality is that people have a tendency to eat more as they get older.   This combination of increased calories is what causes middle aged men to become overweight.  Athletic men have a third element in this synergy.  When men work out they eat much more than normal people to feed muscle growth and aerobic depletion.  When they get out of college and start working the intense workouts end but they remain accustomed to eating more food.  Weight gain is the only result and it is very difficult to get it under control.  You are overweight and always hungry.  Not just a natural hunger but a consuming hunger that is impossible to control.  The Lap-band ends the hunger and returns your control...it's just that simple.

Comparing pre-packaged food diets to the Lap-band...there is no comparison

The Lap-band is a superior weight loss solution.  The costs of being overweight and fad diets typically end up much higher than using the Lap-band solution.  Do you imagine yourself eating out of little packages of food for the rest of your life?  You see the ads on TV.  A paid celebrity telling you how good a little prepackaged meal tastes without even mentioning that to be healthy people absolutely must have fresh unprocessed foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  Do you really think those celebrities eat only prepackaged diet food?  Or have you considered that they might really be losing the weight at a private spa on gourmet meals made with fresh whole foods?   Have you ever thought they might be telling you dried out cardboard flavored food is good because they are being paid to?  Bottom line is prepackaged food in general is not healthy for you.  Dr. Simpson continuously produces gourmet recipes consisting of whole foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  He has some outstanding, quick and easy outdoor grilling recipes too.  He makes these great recipes available to you...everywhere: in his support meetings, books, the internet and his newsletters.  He tells you how to eat healthy when eating at restaurants too.  Don't fool yourself.  You cannot make a long term commitment to keeping your lost pounds off by eating prepackaged food.  If you do, you will lose something you don't want to lose...your health.

Lose weight with Lap-band surgery and save your joints

Joint problems are the most common problem faced by obese people.  Knee replacement surgery is increasing due to the increase of obesity in our society.  Knee and foot problems will enter your life if you chose to remain extremely overweight.  To keep playing your game well into your seventies or eighties, you must lose your excess pounds as soon as possible.   The longer you remain overweight the greater its toll on your joint ligaments and tendons.  The longer you remain overweight the sooner you may become permanently incapacitated by limited mobility.  This is a fact, and for active men a horrific reality that can be easily avoided by the Lap-band.

Lap-band weight loss surgery can help prevent and possibly reverse type 2 diabetes

Obesity is a primary cause of diabetes.  The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has a series of articles about weight loss reducing and even eliminating type 2 diabetes.  They also have articles specifically about using the Lap-band toward those ends.  Diabetes will cause erectile dysfunction.  This is something you may be able to avoid by preemptively losing weight with the Lap-band.  If your doctor is telling you that your blood sugars are rising, he is also telling you that in the future something else may not.

Losing weight with Lap-band Surgery can also prevent and reverse heart disease

Lose weight to lessen stress on your heart.  Your doctor tells you that all the time.  Many overweight people blow that advice off when they are younger because they are young and strong and haven't experienced any problems.  Problems typically start occurring as you enter middle age.  When your heart starts to give you problems you may be able to improve the situation, but odds are you will never be the same.  You hear about people that develop heart problems and improve them through low fat diets and exercise.  But if you are overweight there is a large chance you may not be able to reverse damage and your life may become completely compromised.  The better solution is not to wait until you permanently damage your heart.  Lap-band surgery can save your heart from damage because you can lose the weight before symptoms occur.  If you are beginning to experience heart problems you may want to consider the fact that severe heart issues will prevent you from having Lap-band surgery.  In that case you may want to get Lap-band surgery before your heart deteriorates further.  You can lose the weight using the Lap-band.  That will allow you to do aerobic exercise that in combination with a low fat diet may reverse damage.  If you are an athletic man, you understand the importance of your heart in every game you play.  There is no game without heart health.

Lap-band surgery returns your energy so you can be the parent you should be

The Lap-band can improve relationships with your children.  Do you interact with your children as much as you should?  Or are you frequently too tired to become involved in their lives?   What are they doing while you are down and out because of being overweight?  Are they left to their own devices?  Are they making bad choices because of a lack of parental involvement.   Are you failing to guide them into a lifetime of success because you are overweight?  Are you missing their lives?  Do you think they are proud of your lack of self control?  Have you ever considered that later in life they might not forgive you for being so selfish?  Lose weight and get your energy back.  You can start right now with a phone call to Dr. Simpson.  There is a great new world waiting for you...one you should have had all along.  It's never too late to become involved with your children.   We hear it all time...a father can't play ball with their kids because they quickly get winded.  Their energy returns due to weight loss and now it's the kids that get tired.

Losing weight is never easy...but this is the easiest way for men to lose weight

Get help - Lap-band weight loss surgery regains your ability to compete in life.  Men want to be healthy, thin, successful and attractive to women.  We jokingly call this the "game," but isn't it true that to win in life you need the right equipment?  The Lap-band is the right tool that makes it much easier for you to lose weight and most of all...keep it off forever.  With it, you can regain your health and your ability to play well with energy to win.  If you could be given an amazingly simple yet effective solution to your weight control problem...would you take it?  It's your play...you've been handed the ball.  This is YOUR opportunity to end your weight control struggle.

Have you been looking for a really great experienced Lap-band surgeon?

Dr. Terry Simpson is one of the most experienced weight loss surgeons in Arizona.  Dr. Simpson is a proctor for Allergan the manufacturer of the Lap-band.  He actually trains many of the Lap-band surgeons on the area.  He has done so for many years.

Bariatric doctor that has done Lap-band surgery since it's introduction

We know that a new weight loss doctor must start doing Lap-band surgery somehow.  Do you want them to begin their career with you?  The more surgeries a doctor performs, the better they become...its just that simple.  Dr. Simpson's experience is the result of years of hard work that definitely works in your favor in the quality of surgery.

Our weight loss surgery clinic is located in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

We provide Lap-band surgery, informational seminars, weight loss support group meetings and programs to the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Avondale, Buckeye, Peoria, Sun City, Surprise and Glendale, Arizona (AZ) areas


This website hasn't been updated for many years. Some information is outdated. It uses Flash presentations that will not be visible on tablets or phones (they do present good information about the advantages of Lap-band surgery for active men). Please go to drsimpson.net to view up to date information about Lap-band and other weight loss surgeries we offer.




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